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wear it. feel it. move it is the motto,

Lifestyle Supply seeks to work with unique brands and influencers to present collections which will influence your lifestyle. We are happy to announce that we will be working with "DANCEAWARE" an original brand dedicated to the art of dancing and music, I won't go further into it because everything is explained below by the founder himself and his team. 


Photo credit: Danceaware

-Photo Credit: Danceaware


Our question to DANCEAWARE was, "as a young brand ourselves, we love working with other brands like Danceaware and would love to see you grow just like we hope to be growing in the upcoming years. 

So, what is this whole brand about and what is the aim? What is the concept and what do you guys represent? "  

Answer- Why the hell did we found DanceAware? It‘s simple. Because we love dancing more than anything else! As  professional dancers we know the struggle buying new clothes and never finding anything cool. Thats why we commited not to create usual clothing but clothing which carries the spirit of dancing and helps to enfold your creativity to the fullest. 

Driven by the passion for dance and a little of insanity we soon found ourselves designing our first collection in 2015. The first clothing pieces arrived and they were pretty good. But not good enough. It took us 6 months to improve the quality of the fabrics and the designs as well. The new improved pieces arrived and they were great. But not great enough for us. Therefore we went back to work for another 6 months to reach perfection and - in our humble opinion - we reached it!

However that perfection would never become reality without help, that‘s why we are putting a lot of effort supporting others in the dancing industry to become more visible and relevant around the world. We are aware of the great importance of community and mutual support in the dance scene, for those reasons, we are supporting young dance talents and dance crews to help them grow and progress.

It is not about money or prestige. It‘s all about passion and community. That‘s why we are going to work our asses off to give you the best, because we know that you are going to give your best in class or on stage as well. Be a dancer from the bottom of your heart and be aware of your uniqueness – be DanceAware!

Now you know who Danceaware is and what they stand for, Their purpose is strong and understood which is why they will be featured in future collections. On our next blog, we will talk about the beginnings of Lifestyle Supply and its future. 

Instagram: @danceaware

Instagram: @lifestyle_supply

stay tuned on the Lifestyle Supply Blog for upcoming collabs and projects. 

Photo credit: Danceaware

-Photo Credit: Danceaware

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